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Research, Development & Innovation Centre (RDIC)

Ph.D. Fee Structure for the Year 2017-18

Ph.D. Admission Application Form for Year 2017-18

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PhD Fees Structure

The Research, Department & Innovation Centre (R.D.I.C) has a central responsibility for nurturing excellence in research, scholarship and creative activity across the entire campus. It has primary responsibility for research policy, oversight of responsible conduct of research education and compliance, and oversight of administration and support of research activity by the faculty. R.D.I.C has administrative responsibility for several independent, interdisciplinary research units, as well as units which provide support to the research and technology transfer activities on campus. R.D.I.C works with the deans and department heads to develop and support interdisciplinary research initiatives and symposia. C. U. Shah University offers Ph.D. programmes in various faculties through its Research, Department & Innovation Centre (R.D.I.C). You can view our Ph.D. Rules & Regulations for more information.

Research Strategy
We aim to lead the world in research. We are committed to disciplinary excellence - across the medical sciences; the mathematical, physical and life sciences; the social sciences; and the humanities - and interdisciplinary research that will benefit society on a national and global scale. There is extensive collaboration with leading university networks, public agencies and business - in India and globally. We aim to maximize the benefits of research by advancing fundamental knowledge and contributing to better public policy, improved health outcomes, economic prosperity, social cohesion, international development, community identity, the arts, culture and the quality of life. We seek to retain and recruit researchers of the highest distinction and potential. We hope to attract the very best research students from across the globe, making their cutting edge contribution. We look for ways to apply our research and scholarship to help meet the challenges of our age, whether this means working for social justice or fostering greater cross-cultural understanding

New to CU?
Welcome to the C. U. Shah University, Wadhwan, and congratulations on your appointment as a research scholar. You will be joining a community of around 1000 research staff across the University who make an invaluable contribution to our position as one of the best places in the world to do research. It takes a blend of perspectives to find new ways to look at the world and respond to the shifting challenges of the day. Our research works across a spectrum of disciplines, combining different methodologies and expertise to maintain our history of ground-breaking work. Personal and Professional Development As a researcher a lot of your 'professional development' will involve publishing papers, attending conferences, and acquiring the skills you need to do your research well. But it is also important to think about other areas beyond your research itself. Do you need to gain teaching experience? Could you run a conference or symposium to develop your project and budget management skills? Could you help write a research project/fellowship application? Might be attending a workshop on time management will perhaps help you do your job better? Being proactive about these other aspects of being a researcher will make your CV stand out when you apply for your next step, whatever that is. Research in focus We have around 300 active researchers at the CU. Our priority themes and multidisciplinary research networks bring these researchers together with practitioners, policy makers and NGOs to create academic communities which focus on key issues and challenges.

The University Grants Commission (UGC) has issued "UGC (Minimum Standards and Procedure for Award of M.Phil/PhD Degree) Rules, 2009" dated 1st June, 2009. These Rules issued by the UGC are mandatory in nature and all the universities in India are required to comply with the same. C. U. Shah University has a strong commitment to high quality research for quality education which can enhance the professional competence of the students' reach in knowledge and innovativeness in approach. The Promoting body of C. U. Shah University has a vast experience in the field of Education. University is setup with an objective of providing best quality education to the students. The University offers PhD programmes to the eligible students who are interested in doing research. The Doctoral Studies Programme aims at training professionals and teachers in the skills and competencies related to the systematic investigation of various issues and problems in the area of their study. At this level, the study is expected to provide new and original insights into the problem or the area under investigation. The Degree of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) is the Research Degree of this University. The PhD degree is awarded to a candidate, who, as per these Rules, has submitted a thesis on the basis of original research work done by him / her in any particular discipline that makes a contribution to the advancement of knowledge or to innovative methods of application of existing knowledge, so as to contribute to the betterment of lives of the people and has had the thesis approved by suitably constituted examiners as per requirement. The University also encourages research in interdisciplinary areas through a system of co-supervision through its academic departments and research centres and provides excellent opportunities for such Programmes. The University undertakes sponsored research and development projects from industrial and other organizations in the public as well as private sector.

These Rules shall come into force from 1st January 2014.

These Rules shall be called "C. U. Shah University Rules Governing the Doctoral Degree Programme (Doctor of Philosophy or PhD) - 2014".

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The Director - PG Studies & Research,
Research, Development & Innovation Center,
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Surendranagar - Ahmedabad Highway,
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C. U. Shah University, Wadhwan City, Dist. Surendranagar. Gujarat. India.
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