University convocation celebrates students culmination of their academic journey with a particular constituent colleges. University convocation is one of the celebratory ceremony where degrees are conferred upon a graduating class.
Regular convocations are held once every year on 31st January and all those who are eligible for degree certificates can attend the function and receive their degrees.


11th Convocation to be held on 31st January, 2025 *

All of us at C. U. Shah University eagerly await a day that encapsulates years of hard work, determination, and growth – the Convocation Day. Let us get ready to celebrate your unrelenting dedication, countless hours of hard work, and an endless desire for learning on the 11th Convocation. This event stands not only as a testament to academic achievements but also as a celebration of the remarkable journeys undertaken by the graduating class. Armed with the education and experiences garnered at our campus, we are confident that you are ready to conquer any challenges and make a positive impact on the world around you.

Past Convocations

10th Convocation Proceedings