The Man with a Golden Heart and Hand.

Hon’ble Late Shri C. U. Shah Sir

Shri Chimanbhai Ujamashibhai Shah (C. U. Shah)
14-5-1918 - 31-1-2013

You have groomed us with love for charity; You have taught us with love for charity; You have taught us the principle of integrity; Your life itself is source of true inspiration, Your presence is always felt inspite of pysical separation.
-- Smt. Minalben R. Shah

The son of soils, Wadhwan born, a Mumbai-based businessman and philanthropist donated the seed money, “Beautiful Thought and a Beautiful Act”, to help establish a not-for-profit University in Wadhwan City, Dist. Surendranagar, Gujarat. For him, it was contributing to yet another cause; for the institute, the contribution would enable thousands realise a dream — the ability to see. The University is better known as C. U. Shah University and the benevolent gentleman is C. U. Shah — University’s donor.

In the years to come, Shri C. U. Shah’s success and generosity has grown manifold and the little-known Engineering, Pharmacy, MCA, MBA colleges has slowly and steadily emerged as one of the leading University in the state.

Describing C. U. Shah University as a “great gift to the nation”, Shri C. U. Shah used to said he was impressed to see how much the institute has progressed. “I never thought C. U. Shah University will reach this height.

Shri C. U. Shah is known for having successfully established several charitable organisations, including a medical college, a nursing college, a pharmacy college and many more. To describe Shri C. U. Shah as the man with the “midas touch.”