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M. Phil. (Master of Philosophy)

The prerequisites required for a Master of Philosophy degree make it the most advanced research degree before the Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D. or D.Phil.). An M.Phil. is in most research based cases thesis-only, and is regarded as a senior or second Master's degree, standing between a taught Master's and a Ph.D. An M.Phil. May be awarded to graduate students, after completing several years of original research but before the defence of a dissertation, and can serve as a provisional enrolment for a Ph.D. MPhil is the abbreviated form of 'Master of Philosophy', while PhD is abbreviated from 'Doctor of Philosophy'. The Master of Philosophy (MPhil or Ph.M.) is a post graduate research degree, meaning it is opted for after the completion of a Master's degree. Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D., PhD, D.Phil., or DPhil) is a post graduate doctorate degree that is awarded by colleges. The Master of Philosophy (MPhil or Ph.M.) is a post graduate research degree, meaning it is opted for after the completion of a bachelor's and master's degree. Most MPhil degrees are a one and half year course, but can also be a three year course in some countries. The degree also works as a pre-requisite for enrolling for a Ph.D. Pre-Doctrol Research Degree 'M.Phil' Opens the golden doors of core and Applied research in real time applications. it leads the researcher's career to the horizon of leading organizations and self employment.

One Year

M.Phil. Fee Structure for the Year 2017-2018

M.Phil. University Exam Form for Sem. II | M.Phil. University Exam Time Table for Sem. II

M.Phil. Application Form for 2017-2018

List of MPhil Students for the year 2016-2017

Faculty of Science - Supervisor Allocation for M.Phil. 2016-2017 Batch

Academic Calendar - MPhil 2017

M.Phil Sem. I University Exam Schedule
M.Phil Sem. I University Exam Forms

Process for Submission of Synopsis & Dissertation for M.Phil.

e-Theses on Shodhganga | List of refereed and recognized journals worldwide | UGC Regulations for M. Phil. 2016
Circular - Lecture Schedule - M Phil Sem I 2016-2017.pdf
Univerity Examination Form (Winter 2016)
Univerity Regular examination for M.Phil. Sem.-II (Winter 2016)
M. Phil. Circular - Fees Submission - Examination Time table

M. Phil. Fees Structure | M. Phil. Admission Form
M. Phil. Eligibility & Admission Procedure / Criteria

Schedule for Remedial Examination 2016 for Sem I
Exam Result (2015-2016 Batch)
Schedule for M. Phil. Sem. II on dated 04/06/2016

M.Phil HDFC Bank-Fee Challan
11/04/2016 - M.Phil. Sample Question of Research Methodology (Gujarati Medium)
05/04/2016 - M.Phil. Sample Question of Information Communication and Technology
04/04/2016 - M.Phil. University Examination Schedule and Question Paper Style - Batch 2015-'16
21/03/2016 - M.Phil. Enrolment Number - Batch 2015-'16
21/03/2016 - M.Phil. Examination Form
21/03/2016 - M.Phil. Instruction for Submission of Exam Forms

Application form for Recognition as M. Phil. supervisor

Internal Examination Schedule

13-01-2016 MPhil Seminar Schedule and Instruction

03-12-2015 Lecture Schedule on dated 05-12-2015

29-10-2015 Lecture Schedule on dated 31-10-2015

17-09-2015 M. Phil. Sem. II Examination (Summer 2015)

22-08-2015 M. Phil-2015-16 Entrance Exam Result

M. Phil-2015-16 Entrance Exam Syllabus and Schedule

M. Phil. Sem. I Exam Result - Winter 2014


Dr. Dhaval S. Vyas
Dean, Pre-Doctrol Research 'M.Phil'
C. U. Shah University,
Surendranagar - Ahmedabad Highway,
Wadhwan City - 363 030. Dist. Surendranagar.
Gujarat India.
Email: ,
Tel : (02752)-294005

M. Phil. Moments

  • M Phil Computer Science Review Seminar in 20.1.2016 in University

  • MPhil Entrance Examination 2015

  • MPhil Review Progress Report - February March 2016

  • C. U. Shah University, Wadhwan City, Dist. Surendranagar. Gujarat. India.
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