C. U. Shah University, Wadhwan City. Dist. Surendranagar. Gujarat. India.

C. U. Shah University, Wadhwan City

Sponsored by: Wardhman Bharti Trust

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Dr. J. G. Sanghvi, President

In a complex world of unique individuals and thousands of paths for each to take a group of educators committed to making a positive impact on the world decided to establish a University, where everyone is serving as educators, facilitators, motivators and mentors inspired me to take the leadership.
I perceive that the education is the foundation for development and empowerment to the society. Out rich history reflects that, students graduated from the different colleges and institutions managed by Wardhman Bharti Trust have been catalysis for positive change and models for exceptional achievements in the various fields. This is why I am proud and honored to serve as founder President of C. U. Shah University established in the year of 2013.
I believe that, we as Indians have the unique and God given ability to creates the landmarks in various fields including education. C. U. Shah University is one example of such ability. Saurashtra region is known for its hospitality, rich cultural and social values, enterprising spirit, spirituality and bravery. C. U. Shah University is committed to enrich these skills and values with the modern knowledge and emerge a growth engine of its social and economical empowerment. We have launched more than 67 UG, PG, Integrated and Doctoral programs having diverse focus on achieving success in the various professions.
I will strive to ensure that all of these educational programs will help our students to achieve excellence. It is also my intention to ensure that all the professional course are challenging, relevant, stimulating and attractive to the students, and will provide the opportunity for cross-disciplinary experiences.
Our degrees will be a guarantee for the qualitative learning and investment in the education. In addition to educating students in various professional course and programs alike, the campus life provides a rich series of extra curricular activities, clubs and sports help them to build social network.
I am sure that it will also attract our alumni to return to campus often, to support the next generation of students, and to contribute in making C. U. Shah University as a leading University in the region and beyond.

Educational Qualification:
M. S. (Orthopedic Surgeon)

Secretary, Wardhman Bharti Trust
President, C. U. Shah University, Wadhwan
Secretary, Saurashtra Medical Center.
Secretary, C. U. Shah Medical College & Hospital.
Secretary, C. U. Shah Physiotherapy College.

Social Activities:
Life Member, Indian Medical Association.
Life Member, Indian Orthopedic Association.
Life Member, Gujarat Orthopedic Association.
Life Member, Ahmedabad Orthopedic Association.
Ex. President, Lions Club of Wadhwan City
Ex. President, Jaysees Club, Surendranagar.

Communication Address:
Near Gate Station,
B/H Pradip Petroleum,
Surendranagar-363002. Gujarat, India.
E-mail: secretaryccet97@gmail.com

Dr. Ved Vyas Dwivedi

Fundamentally, noble education uplifts and improves the overall health of humanity at large. C.U. aims to keep its hit ratio of imparting quality education to be 100%. The university family team deserves to be congratulated and blessed due to its consistent outstanding performance under every circumstance and situation. Our mother, The University feels proud and contenting seeing its children contributing the societal state holders in optimized mode. I, the University representative dream to produce real time and practically proven torch bearing role models to enlighten the world. Our university lions are poured with ethic-formed nectar to strengthen their inner selves to face the challenges of their lives effectively and efficiently. My personal professional wish to my heart-some dear students and pray to the Almighty for their bright future endeavours. This University, the mother of all, is ever-ready to water, empower and facilitate its seeds to sprout spreading the fragrance of set of positivity amongst and across living beings and celestial bodies. His formula of enjoying the life we share underneath; Knowledge is Power, Discipline is Life; Behaviour is River, Character is Strength. Time is Remedy and Honour for all is Reward.

Brief Professional Life:
A renowned educationist, an academic manager and a core researcher having wide spread experience for imparting education and managing the educational organizations in and around this district and across Gujarat state; a person with ideals and motto to flourish the career of each child without any discrimination; and a very broad minded and big hearted for each of the C.U.Shah University family members having very microscopic analytical mindset is Dr. Dwivedi. Being a true professional leadership building in education, C.U.Shah University is characterized with clear understanding for the inner-self catering to soulful upliftment. We dedicate ourselves to reconnect today with the ancient age not as leader but leader-maker. Woman Empowerment, Educational Enlightenment, and Research - Innovation - Culture generation- Go Green Globe are our forever goals to achieve with optimized skill sets.
Dr. Dwivedi has published 9 books, 136 research/review articles/papers in refereed journals/conference proceedings, guided 6 PhD theses, examined and reviewed 15 PhD theses. He has 6 patents in his name, completed 11 research and industry consultancy based projects, delivered 43 expert and key notes talks, guided and examined 58 M. Tech. dissertations. He has been honoured as chief guest / guest of honour on more than 39 occasions in national /international conferences, seminars, workshops, STTP, annual functions or social events.
He earned his Bachelor of Engineering, Master of Engineering and Doctor of Philosophy, all in Electronics and Communication Engineering. His academic interest is in energy-sensor-wireless-mobile-RF-antenna-microwave technology and sciences while hobby interest in spiritual science and professional ethics and morals. His life is governed by the principles of "Bhagavad Gita" and "Chanakya". He is a good counsellor, guide and effective leader.
Since 01/04/2013 the day of inception of University, serving as Vice Provost.

C. U. Shah University, Wadhwan City. Dist. Surendranagar. Gujarat. India.