C. U. Shah University, Wadhwan City. Dist. Surendranagar. Gujarat. India.

Wardhman Bharti Trust (WBT)

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Wardhman Bharti Trust (WBT) established in 1969, as a registered charitable trust has been constantly motivated for the prosperity of rural society through the education. Dedicated industrialist, educationalist and enlightened citizen from Wadhwan city form the core of Management. WBT always stands for national character building and gives full attention to tradition, culture and ideals with full awareness of modern scientific and technical development of this century and our march to the 21st century.
As a responsible citizen, every successful person of this society should have his aim or at least think of returning some benefits what he got from the society.
With this idea in mind, the Trust started working for the deserving students who could not continue their quality education due to lack of Educational Institute in area. This is a organization run by volunteers who are sincere and well established professionals and who are interested to see that every bit of donations reach the needy and brilliant students, without which, they would have perished in the darkness of the society. To pull out our excellent intellects from the not fully formed area to flourish and go hand in hand with the main stream of nation building is the motto of this organization.
WBT is located at Wadhwan City, Taluka Head Quarter at about 6 kilometers from Surendranagar and is situated on scenic banks of the river Bhogava on Surendranagar - Ahmedabad State Highway. The town has glorious historic and cultural heritage. The ancient princely city well known for temples, step wells and number of water ponds is surrounded by a monumental stone castle and architectural arched gates. Eminent poets, literal, freedom fighters and philosophers have bestowed an honorable status upon the city. A fast developing vast industrial belts, now on the banks of the river extending up to Surendranagar has geared up the developments process of this drought prone area and the aspiration of the people.
The supporting hands that strengthen the trust are all successful and well-settled professionals with ample of dedication to uplift their society. They are all volunteers working in a chain with full enthusiasm and interest.
Under the guidance of these people, WBT trust started its work to develop and foster excellence in the field of education.

The Wardhman Bharti Trust, Wadhwan city, committed to excellence in education, strives to take the students to their highest academic potential, generating in them self-esteem, respect for themselves and for others, harmony and tolerance in a structured, "Gurukul" like family oriented environment, that is to be achieved by committed faculty and staff members providing their students, on duly acknowledge student's experience and knowledge, an atmosphere persons with character, thoughtfulness, positive contribution to society, and above all, national minded and nation making. In view of the above, the Trust, it is crystal clear that, is fully dedicated to only educational activities without profiteering, charitable base. Therefore, the Trust is charitable one serving in the public interests not as a business but as a service to the society. Hence, Educational activities of the Trust cannot be considered as business

Education is an engine of economy. Committed, students-centered, local and global need-based quality education with minimum costs at all levels - nursery, primary to post doctoral - ensures sustainable development of the society and enhances both the standard of living and quality of life of man, the last man of the society.

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